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áԨʹ­ûʸ "ѡ"  յԴ繡ѹǷءش 駵 Թʹ­ Ǵ  Թҹǹҹ ͧâͧѧѧ СâµǢͧѧ Թҷçſͧͧäдǡʺ  öзҡäҵ  ŧعͧҢ֧ͧǧøáԨѹҡ鹵

ͧѡ porapak electric

Ѥ ŤԤ ˹ٹ˹ԹǧøáԨʹ­  "¼ԵШ˹ ѡ  ʹ­  ѧռԵѳա  ͧѡʹ­  Թʹ­  ͧʹ­  ͧ觹˹ѡʹ­  "

㹡÷ҸáԨ ˹觷 ѤŤԤ  Ҥѭµʹ þѲҡüԵԹҴշش 鹤ҹѵ üԵ д»ʺóҹҷ¹㹧ҹءҹҤѭѺԡ 

͡˹ͨҡ蹤 ҧѺͧŧعǹ  سҾͧԹҡ¡ҼСͺ  Ե ش·Ҥѭ Ѥ ŤԤ ͧ ҤҨ˹·öҢͧҡ  ôѧâ¡դ ·ʹ١

µʹ­ ͧ ѤŤԤ ҤҨ˹µ  19,900-36,000 ҷ кáͧӷط  (Reverse Osmosis System)  դ դҴ + 

ҧá çѺ͹ͧáԨʹ­ ѤŤԤ ͧ  áԨѧҶ˹ҵ Թҷ ѤŤԤ ѧѺʹ㹡ŧعҧҴ Ҩ͹͡͹ 繼ѹͧҨҡҾɰԨ  ѧ繸áԨŧع еҺ㴷ѧͧԺ Թҷ쿤дǡʺ ѧ繷ͧâͧ

ҧŷԷ  ѡзҸáԨԴ;ѡ ҸáԨ;ѡ  ;鹷 ͹  Ҵҹ¤дǡҹԡü ͵͡㹡õѴԹ㨢ͧ Ңͧ͡͡㹡Ѻ١ ᷹  Թҹѧ繻Ѩ·դͧաҹǹҡ

͹ҤԹ кԹ ѧѲҢҧͧҧ١ 觫Թǡ ŧعѹѹ˹ҡ Էɵҧ 仴    þѲк !   ԹѧǹŴ Ѻͧҧŵҧ !  ͹Ҥ¤Ѻ Ѻ١Ңͧ  ѤŤԤءҹ¤Ѻ

ͧͧúԡù ҧѤŤԤҤѭʹ С١ҤͧҤѭ   ҧѤŤԤѧպԡѺͧʹ  24  .  ¨ժҧһ֡ Թҧ仫 1 ѹ  ҧá ͹ҤҧѤŤԤչº  "ͧͧ"  ͧͧ١ҷءҹջѭ óշͧ ҹҹ繾ͧ١蹪  ŴѭҢͧâҴ繴¤Ѻ 




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ѤŤԤ  porapakelectric  Թյ͹Ѻ  ˹:áԨʹ­,ͧ俿

Welcome and Thank you for visit our website products

Nathapindhu à Works coin, no one would deny that "unknown" because the same is installed across the entire

cabinet Water Recharge coin.   Or even a massage chair. Although this product is long ago. But the needs of society still exists. Because the expansion of social   Products that meet the lifestyle of the younger generation who needs comfort. They can stay and make the trade possible. Investors who want to own the business cycle, so this step is beneficial to the track 


 ͧѡ porapak electric

PoPak Electric one of the centers distribute products in the coin business. "The manufacture and distribute the water main is a coin cabinet.   It also has other products such as washing machines coin.  Refill coin cabinet.   Coin box.   Vending machine weight.  Air Purifier. "

 To do business one thing.  PoPak Electric recognizes the importance the community at large is. Development of products for the best research innovations.  To come into production.  With past experiences cause us to learn and understand all aspects and to emphasize the importance of service.

 In addition to security   That created the confidence to invest and those who want it Quality of goods is not less than operator. Others made it a major selling point Pak Electric is looking at a price that would distribute more than the owner can not be difficult. After sales care is consistent. Customers never abandoned.

The coin's Water Pak Electric.   Price distribute each cabinet. 25,000-36,000 ҷ(Reverse Osmosis System)   25000-36000 baht and fresh water systems (Reverse Osmosis System) Free Parts Free Care Free Water + light meter.

However, momentum of the business desk.  Pak Electric Sa to see business come forward if possible.  Products under. Pak Electric is also interested in investing in the continuous But may not be noticeable as before.   As a result, due to economic conditions.  But it's also a business investment.  Because as long as urban growth. Products that serve the convenience. It is demanded by consumers are often

Make a play that is shot down for college  Tend to do business open dormitories. When doing business, but Dormitory Apartment Apartment Condo things but lack facilities to serve these residents.  When the option to decide the tenants lost.   Gallery owners lose the opportunity to get new customers to come in rather than added revenue. These products also are responsible for the consumer's needs in a number of very

Future products and product applications. Continue to develop continuously to ensure its customers. The order was already good, or wait for new ventures on this page good day.  A special Exquisite ahead with development programs such as free products, discounts and still win the awards free future with With customers.   Pak Electric  you with.

 And in the service. The Pak Electric has always been important. Because understanding customers is important.   The PoraPak Chang Electric provide notification on the 24-hour repair will be waiting for Chang and travel advice to repair within 1 day in the future, however PoraPakElectric's policy.   "With the reserves." When the customer all of us if you have to wait for parts or take a special machine to make sure that there are repair Sure. And reduce the problem of lack of income without the need to


If anyone is hesitant to invest, we are ready to be consulted with pleasure


P.P.E Update (ѤŤԤ Ѿഷ)

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